Along with the online training, you will also receive additional "live" training sessions through Skype and FaceTime for that little extra help along the way.

I will be taking the first 10 people that qualify for this particular special and will require a phone chat before moving forward. I'm looking for the people who want to dominate their area NOW!! I really look forward to meeting my first 10 and can't wait to share my experience with you!! Get ready to kill it in the LASH GAME!!


Please feel free to call or email for further questions. 

Phone: 253-249-8263






Q: What about the kits?

A: Kits are not included for any of the classes, but all products, tools, and equipment will be provided for each person.

I don’t offer kits because from my past experiences I’ve found that sometimes people want to build their own kits and do not want to have to purchase a kit that might not be to one’s personal liking.

I do offer a list of every tool, product, and piece of equipment I use on the daily.

I do look forward to working with you all! This is a fun, totally relaxed yet detailed course. Any further questions are welcomed!

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